The Caring Place

Pastor Jeremy Stouffer

Pastor Don Dittman, The Caring Place Chaplain

Our Chaplain

Pastor Jeremy Stouffer has been part of the Chaplaincy for over 7 years. He began as a volunteer Pastor at Grove Manor and earned full-time status in 2014. Jeremy joined The Caring Place's Chaplain team in March of 2017. He loves sharing the Gospel with the residents of The Caring Place, their families and the staff. He is an avid reader, writer, husband, and father.

Church Services

The primary mission of the Chaplaincy is to attend to the spiritual dimension of the resident’s lives, and to assist them in recognizing and incorporating this dimension into the rest of their everyday lives. Our conviction is that each resident is crafted in the image of God, is brought providentially to our facility; and entrusted to our care. We are used as agents of God’s grace to assist in accomplishing His purposes in these final stages of their lives. We see the inherent glory in the aging process, and are well aware that God does some significant work in the hearts and minds and spirits of His children during this time.
Some of the programs offered to accomplish this mission are:

  • Sunday School
  • Sunday Church services
  • Communion
  • Baptism
  • Weddings
  • Daily Devotions as a group
  • Weekly Bible Study
  • Visitations to the residents.

The Caring Place offers numerous Church and worship offerings. Our full-time and part-time Pastors hold weekly Sunday School followed by worship every Sunday. Throughout the week there is daily devotions lead by our Pastors. Every week a Bible Study is offered to the residents and families on scripture and various topics.
In addition to our planned offerings we have also have local Christian churches providing worship opportunities.

Equal Housing Opportunity

We subscribe to a non-discrimination policy.

Levels of Care

We are able to assist indiviuals with rehabilitation, personal care, and nursing services.



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